Introduction to Persistent Data

Through this web page you can access handouts, assignments, and solutions for the course in Introduction to Persistent Data (PER) on dat1/inf1. Material will be added during the semester to this web site.

Exercise 26th of October 12.30 - 14.15

See here includes the setup guide to the derby database

Course Overview

Course No. Date Topic
1 2004-10-19 Introduction to Persistent Data and JDBC
2 2004-10-26 From an ER-Model to Tables
3 2004-11-02 Fundamentals of the SQL SELECT Statement
4 2004-11-09 Advanced SELECT Statements and Object-Relational Mapping
5 2004-11-16 Display Tabular Information in a GUI

The schedule may be subject to minor changes.

Teaching Material

In the course we excerpts from the two book Database System Concepts (4th edition) by Silberschatz, Korth, and Sudarshan, McGraw-Hill, ISBN 0-07-112268-0, 2002 and Database Programming with JDBC and Java (2nd Edition) by George Reese, O'Reilly, ISBN 1-56592-616-1, 2000. Copies are available via the course binder you find next to Lene's office.


In the course we will use the pure Java relational DBMS Derby. Can be downloaded from This is an open source DBMS that can run in both an embedded and a stand-alone mode. Derby follows the SQL standard.