Object-Oriented Programming: Inheritance

Location NOVI building
Time September 17, 10.15 - 12.00
Subject This seminar covers one of the cornerstones of object-oriented programming inheritance. When aggregation is used we are reusing the implementation of existing class. Our example has been a car that uses existing classes such as engine, door, and gearbox. When it comes to inheritance we are reusing the interface, i.e., the public methods and data structures of the class we are inheriting from. There are quite a larger number of details related to inheritance and we will cover these details in this and the two next seminars.
Reading "Thinking in Java" Chapter 6. Read this chapter carefully. You may give low priority to pages 268-273 of the sections "The final Keyword" (The subsections "Final  Arguments", "Final Methods", "Final Classes", and "Final Caution".
Exercises Exercise
Solutions Solutions for the exercises both documentation and source files
Examples The examples from the lecture, both documentation and source files
Slides PDF

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