Object-Oriented Programming: Exception Handling

Location NOVI building
Time October 01, 10.15 - 12.00
Subject An exception is when an unexpected situation occurs in a Java program. The program then raises anexception that must be handled (caught) somewhere else in the program. Exception handling is built-in to the Java language and cannot be ignored by the programmer as it can in other languages such as C++. This is a feature and one of the reasons many technicians state that the quality of Java programs are in general higher than programs written in a language such as C++. The built-in exception handling is also quoted as being one of the reasons that programmers are more productive, i.e., more lines of code per hour, than comparable languages such as C++ and Pascal.
Reading "Thinking in Java" Chapter 9 ("Error Handling with Exceptions").
Exercises Exercise
Solutions Solutions for the exercises both documentation and source files
Examples The examples from the lecture, both documentation and source files
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