Documentation and Inner Classes Revisited

Todays topic has little to do with documentation and inner classes but sums up on what you have learned so far in the course. The idea is to get a feeling for the MIP exam requirements.


Look at the MIP exam set from August 2004. The exam set can be found at August 2004 MIP Exam (in Danish). In the group design (but do not implement) the central class hierarchy. The hierarchy containing hardware components such as CPUs, hard drives, RAM modules and complete PCs. Draw the class diagram on the black board. Remember in a good exam set there is always possible for the student to convince the lecture and the censor that the student is a genius! (hints: abstract classes, design patterns)


In this exercise you should practice your skills in reviewing other developers code and give technical feedback on the code, e.g., what is good and what is bad. Download the three different approaches to implement the class hierarchy that you have designed in the previous exercise. Look at the code and document your comments. This exercise should be done in pairs or in by the whole group. Zipped java source code for three different answers to MIP exam august 2004. A list of questions that can be used to provided feedback on code can be found at the following URL How to give technical feedback on source code.