Object-Oriented Programming Part 1, OOP Exercise

A: Exercise 4.1 and 4.2 in the book. The topic is constructors in Java.

B: Exercise 4.5 in the book. The topics are arrays and strings.

C: Exercise 4.6 in the book. The topic is overloading methods.

D: Exercise 4.11 in the book. The topic is the special method finalize.

Extra Assignments

E1: Exercise 4.19 in the book. The topic is two-dimensional arrays and initialization.

E2: Discuss the problems involved in scheduling when to run the garbage collection.

E3: Demonstrate that the Java garbage collector finds and frees memory taken up by a network of objects (object pointing to other objects and so on) that can no longer be reached from the current program. 

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Kristian Torp