Software Documentation, OOP Exercise

Use 45 minutes to add JavaDoc comments to a one or more of the central classes you are using in your project. If you do not have such classes yet simply try to write the interface, i.e., the methods that you assume will be in the interface and add JavaDoc comments to this skeleton.

Generate the JavaDoc for the class(es) you have documented and send the documentation to your buddy group. In return you will get the JavaDoc for the class(es) that the buddy group has made. Use 15 minutes to study the documentation that the buddy group has provided to you. This should be done in your group room without the buddy group being there. Write down what you find is good and bad in the documentation. This could for example be answering the following questions (feel free to answer more questions).

Meet with the buddy group and use 2 x 15 minutes to give feedback on the documentation.

The groups and buddy groups are the following.
Group One
(will meet in this group room)
Group Two 
(buddy group)
E1-207 E1-209
E2-107 E2-115
E1-113 E2-203
E4-101 E4-103
E4-105 E4-211
E4-212 E4-213
E3-104 E3-106
E3-108 E3-110
E3-114 E3-116

Extra Assignments

E1: Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of using JavaDoc. Should more types of documentation be added to JavaDoc? Can any documentation be removed because it is obvious? (hint: think how are "real-world" programs used and maintained).

Best regards,
Kristian Torp