Exercise 1, Introduction


Discuss whether the following are a phenomenon (object) or a concept (class). If it is a phenomenon then find the concept that covers the phenomenon.


Draw a generalization and specialization hierarchy for the different kinds of persons on a university, e.g., professors, teaching assistants, students, secretaries, and lab engineers. Describe the data and methods on the various concepts found.


Find two or more examples on an aggregated concept.


Setup our computer environment such that you can run the Java SDK version 1.4.

If the Java Standard Edition SDK version 1.4 is not installed on your local PC you can download it from Sun's home page at the following URL http://java.sun.com/j2se/. The Java Standard Edition is available at the Solaris platform at /pack/jdk-1.4.0.

Setup your PATH and CLASSPATH environment variables to point to the version 1.4 of the Java SDK. To find out which version of the Java environment you are running type java -version in a command window.

It is recommended to use and IDE to develop your Java programs.

When you have done this try to compile and execute a Hello World Java program on your maschine. You can find a HelloWorld Java example code here HelloWorld.java.

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Kristian Torp