Object-Oriented Programming 2002

For those how are taking the object-oriented programming course as an extra study activity (in Danish “fri studieaktivitet”) there is an oral exam. NOTE THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE MIP EXAM!!!

Exam Requirements (Pensum)

Exam Questions

You draw one of the following questions, that sketches the topic and material you have to cover. The question must be answered within approximately 17 minutes. Note that there is not preparation after you have drawn a question, you have to start answer it immediately.

  1. Inheritance in Java

  2. Error and Exception handling

  3. Initialization and Cleanup

  4. Encapsulation

  5. Polymorphism and dynamic binding

  6. Abstract classes and interfaces

  7. Array and the Java collection library

  8. Multiple threads in Java

Best regards,
Kristian Torp, torp@cs.auc.dk