Research Projects

I am involved in a number of currently active externally funded projects.

The IT Technologies for Business Intelligence - Doctoral College (IT4BI-DC) project is an Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate Program which is expected to graduate up to 100 Ph.D.’s within big data and business intelligence technologies over the period 2012-20 among the five partners: Universite Libre de Bruxelles (coordinator), Aalborg University, UPC Barcelona, TU Dresden, and Poznan University of Technology. I serve as Local Program Coordinator for Aalborg University.

The interdisciplinary Totalflex project develops a unique "data-driven" approach to the smart grid, allowing to predict, capture, aggregate, and utilize the inherent flexibilities in energy demand and supply, with a focus on flexible demand and renewable energy supply. I serve as the overall Director of Research for the project.

The Bagtrack project funded by the Danish Advanced Technology Foundation is building a global IT system for significantly improving the worldwide aviation baggage handling quality. Our research concerns indoor and mixed indoor/outdoor spatio-temporal data management techniques such as data cleansing, continuous and predictive query processing, and analytics for massive RFID-tracked moving objects. I serve as scientific PI and steering committee member.

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