Peter Axel Nielsen


Aalborg University

Dept. of Computer Science

Selma Lagerlöfs Vej 300, DK-9220 Aalborg, Denmark


M +45 2128 4155 T +45 9940 8912


My research is about systems development and how it may be improved, sometimes also known as software process improvement. The research approach is mostly action research including design research. The frameworks applied include: knowledge management, social network analysis, organisational influence processes, innovation processes.


Recent research publications are on: business and software development, agile software development, agile development + UX, influence processes in IS implementation, organisational culture in a software company.


Research Centre + projects

Our Research Centre for Socio+Interactive Design brings researchers together on digital innovation, software design, interaction design in a social context. Current research project are on: Agile SW + UX Design; Risk Management Dashboards; Digital innovation in municipalities.


3rd Leg Activity

CLINES is a 3rd leg EU project where the purpose is to develop North Denmark as an eco-system for smart cities and embedded systems together with the regions of Flanders, Basque Country, and Bavaria.

Research Centre for Socio+Interactive Design