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Functional Programming in Scheme
Linguistic abstraction
Course home page mirroring in Scheme (1)

The simple course home page is mirrored as an XML language in Scheme and LAML

  • Steps involved in the mirroring process:

    • Write an XML DTD of the language

    • Parse the XML DTD to a Scheme data structure

    • Synthesize the mirror of the language by the XML-in-LAML mirror generation tool

    • When using the course home page language, load the mirror as a Scheme library

y:/Kurt/Files/courses/prog3/prog3-03/sources/notes/includes/mirrored-languages/dtd/course-home-page.dtdThe course home page DTD.

The DTD is essentially a context free grammar of the new XML language. XML DTDs are a heritages from SGML (The Standard Generalized Markup Language).

y:/Kurt/Files/courses/prog3/prog3-03/sources/notes/includes/mirrored-languages/dtd/parse-dtd.lamlThe script that parses the DTD.

y:/Kurt/Files/courses/prog3/prog3-03/sources/notes/includes/mirrored-languages/dtd/make-mirror.lamlThe script that generates the mirror.

y:/Kurt/Files/courses/prog3/prog3-03/sources/notes/includes/mirrored-languages/mirror/course-homepage-mirror.scmThe mirror in Scheme of the course home page.