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Lecture 11

Collections og streams

Kurt Nørmark ©
Department of Computer Science, Aalborg University, Denmark

September 2001

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Total playing time of audio lecture: 1 hour, 12 minutes, 58 seconds

Page 1Show and speak slideCollectionsPage 19Show and speak slideHvad med søgning og sortering?
Page 2Show and speak slideIntroduktion til collectionsPage 20Show and speak slideSamlinger af statiske metoder
Page 3Show and speak slideCollection interfacesPage 21Show and speak slideAlgoritmer tilknyttet Collections
Page 4Show and speak slideInterfacet CollectionPage 22Show and speak slideOverblik over Collection algoritmer
Page 5Show and speak slideInterfacet SetPage 23Show and speak slideOrdninger på Collections
Page 6Show and speak slideKlassiske mængedeoperationerPage 24Show and speak slideDetaljer om sammenligning af objekter
Page 7Show and speak slideKlasserne HashSet og TreeSetPage 25Show and speak slideStream klassehierarkierne
Page 8Show and speak slideEt eksempel på anvendelse af SetPage 26Show and speak slideStream begrebet
Page 9Show and speak slideInterfacet ListPage 27Show and speak slideStreams i Java
Page 10Show and speak slideInterfacet ListPage 28Show and speak slideReader og Writer hierarkierne
Page 11Show and speak slideList i forhold til klassen VectorPage 29Show and speak slideKategorisering af tegn streams
Page 12Show and speak slideKlasserne ArrayList og LinkedListPage 30Show and speak slideTegn streams
Page 13Show and speak slideEt eksempel på anvendelse af ListPage 31Show and speak slideEksempel på anvendelse af klasserne FileReader og FileWriter
Page 14Show and speak slideInterfacet MapPage 32Show and speak slideInputStream og OutputStream hierarkierne
Page 15Show and speak slideKlasserne HashMap og TreeMapPage 33Show and speak slideKategorisering af byte streams
Page 16Show and speak slideEt eksempel på anvendelse af MapPage 34Show and speak slideByte streams
Page 17Show and speak slideIterators for collectionsPage 35Show and speak slideStream filtre
Page 18Show and speak slideSyn på collections

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