This is a teaching material about functional programming in Scheme, intended to cover part of the new Programming Paradigm courses (as of fall 2017). Originally the material was developed under the title 'Functional Programming in Scheme - with web programming examples' (see here) and connected to the author's LAML software. In the current version the LAML stuff - and most of the web stuff - has been taken out.

A number of exercises are integrated with this material. One star exercises are relatively easy, two star exercises of medium difficulty, and the three star exercises are the most demanding.

The material is indexed, and the special index icon on most pages leads to the alphabetic index of the material.

In relation to Scheme, we provide references to the Revised(5) Report on the Algorithmic Language Scheme - R5RS HTML version or PDF version. The R6RS version of the language is also of interest.

The material has been restructured in August 2017.