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Recursion and Higher-order Functions

All exercises in this lecture on a single page
All exercises and solutions in this lecture on a single page

Exercise 2.1The append function **Solution
Exercise 2.2A list replication function **Solution
Exercise 2.3More about string-merge *Solution
Exercise 2.4Sublists of a list **Solution
Exercise 2.5A variant of number-interval *Solution
Exercise 2.6A variant of string-of-char-list? **Solution
Exercise 2.7Using flip, negate, and compose *Solution
Exercise 2.8Linear string search **Solution
Exercise 2.9Index in list **Solution
Exercise 2.10Binary search in sorted vectors ***No solution available
Exercise 2.11Generating a C-style compare function **Solution
Exercise 2.12Higher-order functions in 'Functional Programming Languages' **Solution
Exercise 2.13Iterative mapping function **Solution
Exercise 2.14Table exercise: transposing, row elimination, and column elimination. **No solution available
Exercise 2.15A straightforward filter function **Solution
Exercise 2.16Quantifier Functions **Solution
Exercise 2.17Playing with curried functions in Scheme *No solution available
Exercise 2.18Generation of functions with a very flexible signature ***Solution
Exercise 2.19Generalization of curry-2 and curry-3 ***Solution
Exercise 2.20Generalized compose ***Solution
Exercise 2.21Generation of approximations to differentiated functions **Solution
Exercise 2.22The cartesian product of two sets **Solution
Exercise 2.23Powerset **Solution
Exercise 2.24Generation of get-prop Solution

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