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Lecture 1

Introduction to Functional Programming in Scheme

Kurt NÝrmark
Department of Computer Science, Aalborg University, Denmark

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Page 1Lisp and SchemePage 26The function concept
Page 2LispPage 27Evaluation of parenthesized expressions in Scheme
Page 3SchemePage 28Lambda Expressions in Scheme
Page 4R5RS, R6RS, R7RS, ...Page 29Lambda calculus
Page 5Expressions and valuesPage 30Function objects
Page 6The read-eval-print loop - REPLPage 31Functions as first class values
Page 7Practical Scheme ProgrammingPage 32Closures
Page 8TypesPage 33More forms of lambda expressions in Scheme
Page 9TypesPage 34Function definition in Scheme
Page 10Typing and TypecheckPage 35Name binding constructs
Page 11ListsPage 36The let name binding expression
Page 12Proper listsPage 37The equivalent meaning of let
Page 13Symbolic expressions and improper listsPage 38The let* name binding construct
Page 14Practical list constructionPage 39The let* name binding construct
Page 15List functionsPage 40An example with let*
Page 16Association listsPage 41The letrec namebinding construct
Page 17Property listsPage 42An implementation of letrec
Page 18Programs represented as listsPage 43Binding of free names
Page 19Other Data TypesPage 44Binding of free names - examples
Page 20Other simple typesPage 45The fluid-let namebinding construct
Page 21VectorsPage 46Referential Transparency
Page 22StringsPage 47Referential Transparency - Practical Aspects
Page 23DefinitionsPage 48Referential Transparency
Page 24DefinitionsPage 49More Excercises
Page 25Functions

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