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Introduction to Functional Programming in Scheme

All exercises in this lecture on a single page
All exercises and solutions in this lecture on a single page

Exercise 1.1Installing a Scheme System No solution available
Exercise 1.2Testing functional programs No solution available
Exercise 1.3A Proper List Predicate *Solution
Exercise 1.4Construction of symbolic expressions *Solution
Exercise 1.5Every second element of a list **Solution
Exercise 1.6Creation of association lists *Solution
Exercise 1.7Association lists and property lists *Solution
Exercise 1.8The get-prop function for property lists Solution
Exercise 1.9Parameter passing in Scheme *No solution available
Exercise 1.10A calendar language - Some calendar functions ****No solution available
Exercise 1.11A counterpart to list-tail **Solution
Exercise 1.12The function butlast **Solution
Exercise 1.13Lexicographic photo file naming ***Solution
Exercise 1.14A music language in Scheme ****No solution available
Exercise 1.15AAU group formation ****No solution available

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