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Lecture 5

Data Access, Properties, and Methods

Kurt NÝrmark ©
Department of Computer Science, Aalborg University, Denmark

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A complete PDF version of the text book is now available. The PDF version is an almost complete subset of the HTML version (where only a few, long program listings have been removed). See here.

Page 1Accessing Data in ObjectsPage 16Summary of indexers in C#
Page 2Indirect data accessPage 17Methods
Page 3Overview of data access in C#Page 18Methods in C#
Page 4PropertiesPage 19Local variables in methods
Page 5Properties - Basic UsePage 20Parameters
Page 6Properties - Tricky UsePage 21Value Parameters
Page 7Properties in C#Page 22Passing references as value parameters
Page 8Properties: Class Point with polar coordinatesPage 23Passing structs as value parameters
Page 9Automatic PropertiesPage 24Reference Parameters
Page 10Object Initialization via PropertiesPage 25Output Parameters
Page 11Summary of properties in C#Page 26Use of ref and out parameters in OOP
Page 12IndexersPage 27Parameter Arrays
Page 13Indexers in C#Page 28Extension Methods
Page 14Associative ArraysPage 29Methods versus Properties versus Indexers
Page 15Example of associating Person with BankAccount

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