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Exercise 6.2
An interval overlap operation

In this exercise we continue our work on struct Interval, which we have used to illustrate overloaded operators in C#.

Add an Interal operation that finds the overlap between two intervals. Your starting point should be the struct Interval. In the version of struct Interval, provided as starting point for this exercise, intervals may be empty.

Please analyze the possible overlappings between two intervals. There are several cases that need consideration. The fact that Interval is oriented may turn out to be a complicating factor in the solution. Feel free to ignore the orientation of intervals in your solution to this exercise.

Which kind of operation will you chose for the overlapping operation in C# (method, property, indexer, operator)?

Before you program the operation in C# you should design the signature of the operation.

Program the operation in C#, and test your solution in an Interval client program. You may chose to revise the Interval client program from the teaching material.