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Object-oriented Programming in C#
Abstract classes, Interfaces, and Patterns
Examples of Interfaces

Two or more unrelated classes can be used together if they implement the same interface

/user/normark/oop-csharp-1/sources/c-sharp/interfaces/playingcard-die/gameobject.csThe interface IGameObject.

/user/normark/oop-csharp-1/sources/c-sharp/interfaces/playingcard-die/die.csThe class Die which implements IGameObject.

/user/normark/oop-csharp-1/sources/c-sharp/interfaces/playingcard-die/PlayingCard.csThe class Card which implements IGameObject.

/user/normark/oop-csharp-1/sources/c-sharp/interfaces/playingcard-die/client.csA sample Client program of Die and Card.

/user/normark/oop-csharp-1/sources/c-sharp/interfaces/playingcard-die/outputOutput from the sample Client program of Die and Card.

In the example above, the GameObject could as well have been implemented as an abstract superclass

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