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Object-oriented Programming in C#
Abstract classes, Interfaces, and Patterns
Cloning versus use of copy constructors

Cloning with obj.Clone() is more powerful than use of copy constructors, because obj.Clone() may exploit polymorphism and dynamic binding

/user/normark/oop-csharp-1/sources/c-sharp/point/cloneable-vs-copy-constructor/Point.csA cloneable class Point.

/user/normark/oop-csharp-1/sources/c-sharp/point/cloneable-vs-copy-constructor/Point.csA cloneable class ColorPoint.

/user/normark/oop-csharp-1/sources/c-sharp/point/cloneable-vs-copy-constructor/Client.csPolymorphic Cloning of Points.

/user/normark/oop-csharp-1/sources/c-sharp/point/cloneable-vs-copy-constructor/AlternativeClient.csNon-polymorphic Cloning of Points - with use of copy constructors.

/user/normark/oop-csharp-1/sources/c-sharp/point/cloneable-vs-copy-constructor/outputOutput of both polymorphic and non-polymorphic cloning.