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Program 1

using System;
using System.Text;

/* Adapted from an example provided by Microsoft */
class ConvertExampleClass{
  public static void Main(){
    string unicodeStr =          // "A  u    i  "
        "A \u00E6 u \u00E5 \u00E6 \u00F8 i \u00E6 \u00E5";    

    // Different encodings.
    Encoding ascii = Encoding.ASCII,                          
             unicode = Encoding.Unicode,
             utf8 = Encoding.UTF8,
             isoLatin1 = Encoding.GetEncoding("iso-8859-1");  

    // Encodes the characters in a string to a byte array:
    byte[] unicodeBytes = unicode.GetBytes(unicodeStr),       
           asciiBytes =   ascii.GetBytes(unicodeStr),         
           utf8Bytes =   utf8.GetBytes(unicodeStr),
           isoLatin1Bytes =   utf8.GetBytes(unicodeStr);

    // Convert from byte array in unicode to byte array in utf8:
    byte[] utf8BytesFromUnicode =                             
      Encoding.Convert(unicode, utf8, unicodeBytes);          
    // Convert from byte array in utf8 to byte array in ascii:
    byte[] asciiBytesFromUtf8 =                               
      Encoding.Convert(utf8, ascii, utf8Bytes);
    // Decodes the bytes in byte arrays to a char array:
    char[] utf8Chars = utf8.GetChars(utf8BytesFromUnicode);    
    char[] asciiChars = ascii.GetChars(asciiBytesFromUtf8);    

    // Convert char[] to string:
    string utf8String = new string(utf8Chars),                 
           asciiString = new String(asciiChars);               

    // Display the strings created before and after the conversion.
    Console.WriteLine("Original string: {0}", unicodeStr);     
    Console.WriteLine("String via UTF-8: {0}", utf8String);    
    Console.WriteLine("Original string: {0}", unicodeStr);               
    Console.WriteLine("ASCII converted string: {0}", asciiString);