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Program 2
file-info.cs does  exist
DirectoryName: c:\users\kurt\courses\prog1-06\sources\c-sharp\io\file-info-demo
FullName: c:\users\kurt\courses\prog1-06\sources\c-sharp\io\file-info-demo\file-info.cs
Extension: .cs
Name: file-info.cs
Length: 1342
CreationTime: 02-11-2006 21:18:31
file-info-copy.cs does  exist
file-info-copy.cs does  exist   
file-info-copy.cs does not exist
  using System;
  using System.IO;
  public class FileInfoDemo{
    public static void Main(){
      string fileName = "file-info.cs",
             fileNameCopy = "file-info-copy.cs";
      FileInfo fi = new FileInfo(fileName); // this source file