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Program 6

public enum GameState {Ongoing, Won, Lost}

abstract class HangmanGame {
  /* Encapsulates the data of a single play of Hangman */

  /** Set the puzzle of this game */
  public abstract void setPuzzle(Puzzle p);

  /** Get the secret puzzle of this game */
  public abstract Puzzle CurrentPuzzle();

  /** Set the alphabet of this game - a array of all possible chars */
  public abstract void setAlphabet(char[] alphabet);

  /** Return the array of all chars not yet guessed */  
  public abstract char[] RemainingAlphabet();

  /** Return a string which represents the guessing state */
  public abstract string PuzzleOutline(Puzzle p);

  /** Call this method when the user wish to attempt ch */
  public abstract void GuessChar(char ch);

  /** Return the state of the game - Won, Lost or Ongoing */
  public abstract GameState GameState();

  /** Return the number of points obtained until now in this game */
  public abstract int HowManyPoints();