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Lecture 2

Introduction to C#

Kurt NÝrmark ©
Department of Computer Science, Aalborg University, Denmark

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A complete PDF version of the text book is now available. The PDF version is an almost complete subset of the HTML version (where only a few, long program listings have been removed). See here.

Page 1The C# Language and SystemPage 23C# in relation to Visual Basic
Page 2C# seen in a historic perspectivePage 24The Overall Picture
Page 3The Common Language InfrastructurePage 25The Overall Picture
Page 4CLI Overview from WikipediaPage 26Declarations and Types
Page 5C# Compilation and ExecutionPage 27Declaration and Types
Page 6C# in relation to CPage 28Expressions and Operators
Page 7Simple typesPage 29Expressions and Operators
Page 8Enumerations typesPage 30Control Structures for Selection
Page 9Non-simple typesPage 31Control structures for Selection
Page 10Arrays and StringsPage 32Control Structures for Iteration
Page 11Pointers and referencesPage 33Control structures for iteration
Page 12StructsPage 34Arrays
Page 13OperatorsPage 35Arrays
Page 14Commands and Control StructuresPage 36Procedures and Functions
Page 15FunctionsPage 37Procedures and Functions
Page 16Input and outputPage 38Combined C# and Visual Basic Programming
Page 17CommentsPage 39Object-oriented programming in Visual Basic
Page 18C# in relation to JavaPage 40C# Tools and IDEs
Page 19C# versus JavaPage 41C# Tools on Windows
Page 20TypesPage 42C# Tools on Unix
Page 21OperationsPage 43Documentation Tools
Page 22Other substantial differences

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