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Program 2

using System;

public class AccountClient{

  public static void Main(){
     BankAccount[] accounts = 
      new BankAccount[5]{
        new CheckAccount("Per",1000.0M, 0.03),
        new SavingsAccount("Poul",1000.0M, 0.03),
        new CheckAccount("Kurt",1000.0M, 0.03),
        new LotteryAccount("Bent",1000.0M),
        new LotteryAccount("Lone",1000.0M)

    foreach(BankAccount ba in accounts){
      if (ba is CheckAccount)
      else if (ba is SavingsAccount)
      else if (ba is LotteryAccount)
      else if (ba is BankAccount)

    foreach(BankAccount ba in accounts){
      Console.WriteLine("{0}", ba);