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Object-oriented Programming in C#
Specialization, Extension, and Inheritance
Inheritance and Constructors

Constructors are not inherited


  • Each class in a class hierarchy should have its own constructor(s)

  • The constructor of class C cooperates with constructors in superclasses of C to initialize a new instance of C

  • A constructor in a subclass will always, implicitly or explicitly, refer to a constructor in its superclass

/user/normark/oop-csharp-1/sources/c-sharp/bank-account/inheritance-1/bank-account.csConstructors in class BankAccount.

/user/normark/oop-csharp-1/sources/c-sharp/bank-account/inheritance-1/check-account.csConstructors in class CheckAccount.

/user/normark/oop-csharp-1/sources/c-sharp/bank-account/inheritance-1/savings-account.csConstructors in class SavingsAccount.

/user/normark/oop-csharp-1/sources/c-sharp/bank-account/inheritance-1/lottery-account.csConstructors in class LotteryAccount.