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Exercise 7.6
A subclass of LotteryAccount

On the slide, to which this exercise belongs, we have emphasized inheritance of methods and properties in the bank account class hierarchy. From the web-version of the material there is direct access to the necessary pieces of program.

The LotteryAccount uses an instance of a Lottery object for adding interests. Under some lucky circumstances, the owner of a LotteryAccount will get a substantial amount of interests. In most cases, however, no interests will be added.

There exists a single file which contains the classes BankAccount, CheckAccount, SavingsAccount, Lottery, together with a sample client class.

Program a specialization of the LotteryAccount, called LotteyPlusAccount, with the following redefinitions of Deposit and Withdraw.

  • The Deposit method doubles the deposited amount in case you draw a winning lottery number upon deposit. If you are not lucky, Deposit works as in LottoryAccount, but an administrative fee of 15 kroner will be withdrawn from your LotteryPlusAccount.
  • The Withdraw method returns the withdrawn amount without actually deducting it from the LotteryPlusAccount if you draw a winning lottery number upon withdrawal. If you are not lucky, Withdraw works as in LottoryAccount, and an additional administrative fee of 50 kroner will be withdrawn from the account as well.

Notice that the Deposit and Withdraw methods in LotteryPlusAccount should combine with the method in LotteryAccount (method combination). Thus, use the Deposit and Withdraw methods from LotteryAccount as much as possible when you program the LotteryPlusAccount.

Test-drive the class LotteryPlusAccount from a sample client class.