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Lecture 9

Exception Handling

Kurt NÝrmark ©
Department of Computer Science, Aalborg University, Denmark

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A complete PDF version of the text book is now available. The PDF version is an almost complete subset of the HTML version (where only a few, long program listings have been removed). See here.

Page 1Fundamental Questions about Exception HandlingPage 16Exceptions in a C# program
Page 2What is the motivation?Page 17The try-catch statement C#
Page 3What is an error?Page 18Handling exceptions in C#
Page 4What is normal? What is exceptional?Page 19The hierarchy of exceptions in C#
Page 5Examples of normal and exceptional aspectsPage 20The class System.Exception in C#
Page 6When are errors detected?Page 21Handling more than one type of exception in C#
Page 7How are errors handled?Page 22Propagation of exceptions in C#
Page 8Where are errors handled?Page 23Raising and throwing exceptions in C#
Page 9Conventional Exception HandlingPage 24Try-catch with a finally clause
Page 10Exception Handling ApproachesPage 25Rethrowing an exception
Page 11Mixing normal and exceptional casesPage 26Raising an exception in an exception handler
Page 12Object-oriented Exception HandlingPage 27Comparison with exception handling in Java
Page 13Errors as ObjectsPage 28Recommendations about exception handling
Page 14Classification of ErrorsPage 29Recommendations about exception handling
Page 15Exceptions and Exception Handling in C#Page 30Recommendations about exception handling

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