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Exercise 9.4
Exceptions in class Stack

In the lecture about inheritance we specialized the abstract class Stack.

Now introduce exception handling in your non-abstract specialization of Stack. I suggest that you refine your own solution to the previous exercise. It is also possible to refine my solution.

More specifically, introduce one or more stack-related exception classes. The slide page "Raising and throwing exceptions in C#" tells you how to do it. Make sure to specialize the appropriate pre-existing exception class!

Arrange that Push on a full stack and that Pop/Top on an empty stack throw one of the new exceptions. Also, in the abstract stack class, make sure that ToggleTop throws an exception if the stack is empty, or if the stack only contains a single element.

Finally, in a sample client program such as this one, handle the exceptions that are thrown. In this exercises it is sufficient to report the errors on standard output.