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Object-oriented Programming in C#
Collection Classes
Time complexity overview: Dictionary classes

Assume that we work on a dictionary with n elements

this[key] O(1) O(log n) O(log n) or O(n)
Add(key,value) O(1) or O(n) O(log n) O(n)
Remove(key) O(1) O(log n) O(n)
ContainsKey(key) O(1) O(log n) O(log n)
ContainsValue(value)O(n) O(n) O(n)

Time complexities of important operations in the classes Dictionary<K,V>, SortedDictionary<K,V>, and SortedList<K,V>.

  • Notes

    • Add(key,value) in Dictionary<K,V>:

      • Worst case if the hashtable must be enlarged

      • Constant times indicate amortized complexity