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Object-oriented Programming in C#
Collection Classes
The interface IDictionary<K,V>

The interface IDictionary<K,V> is a subinterface of ICollection<KeyValuePair<K,V>>


  • Operations in the interface IDictionary<K,V>

    • The operations prescribed in ICollection<KeyValuePair<K,V>>

    • The operations prescribed in IEnumerable<KeyValuePair<K,V>>

    • V this[K key]     - both getter and setter; the setter adds or mutates

    • void Add(K key, V value)     - only possible if key is not already present

    • bool Remove(K key)

    • bool ContainsKey(K key)

    • bool TryGetValue(K key, out V value)

    • ICollection<K>Keys     - getter

    • ICollection<V>Values     - getter