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Program 3
// A very simple class point with public data representation.
// An incomplete sketch.
// This version uses polar representation.
// NOT RECOMMENDED because of public data representation.

using System;

public class Point {
  public double radius, angle;  
  public Point(double x, double y){  
    radius = ...                     
    angle = ...                      

  public void Move(double dx, double dy){
    radius = ...
    angle = ...

  public void Rotate(double angle){  
    this.angle += angle;             

  public override string ToString(){
It becomes a big challenge to use this version of class
Point together with client shown previously.
A point represented by polar coordinates.
Still public. Still not recommended. 
A point is constructed in terms of 
rectangular coordinates. The transformation
is not shown here.
It is easy to program the Rotate method.
Rotation and polar coordinates fits well.