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Exercise 3.6
Course and Project classes

In this exercise you are asked to program three simple classes which keep track of the grading of a sample student. The classes are called BooleanCourse, GradedCourse, and Project.

A BooleanCourse encapsulates a course name and a registration of passed/not passed for our sample student.

A GradedCourse encapsulates a course name and the grade of the student. For grading we use the Danish 7-step, numerical grades 12, 10, 7, 4, 2, 0 and -3. You are also welcome use the enumeration type ECTSGrade from an earlier exercise. The grade 2 is the lowest passing grade.

In both BooleanCourse and GradedCourse you should write a method called Passed. The method is supposed to return whether our sample student passes the course.

The class Project aggregates two boolean courses and two graded courses. You can assume that a project is passed if at least three out of the four courses are passed. Write a method Passed in class Project which implements this passing policy.

Make a project with four courses, and try out your solution.

In this exercise you are supposed to make a simple and rather primitive solution. We will come back to this exercise when we have learned about inheritance and collection classes.