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Exercise 3.2
Time Classes

This is not a programming exercise, but an exercise which asks you to consider data and operations of classes related to time.

Time is very important in our everyday life. Therefore, many of the programs we write somehow deal with time.

Design a class PointInTime, which represents a single point in time. How do we represent a point in time? Which variables (data) should be encapsulated in the class? Design the variables in terms of their names and types.

Which operations should constitute the client interface of the class? Design the operations in terms of their names, formal parameters (and their types), and the types of their return values.

Can you imagine other time-related classes than PointInTime?

Avoid looking at the time-related types in the C# library before you solve this exercise. During the course we will come back the time related types in C#.

There is no solution to this exercise