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On this page we list errors identified in the September 2009 edition of Object-oriented Programming in C# - for C and Java programmers.

The 2008 Errate page is also available.

Simple typos will not be listed.

In general, errors are corrected in the web edition at when they are identified. Therefore, the errors listed below should be seen relative to the PDF version.

  1. In section 14.9 it was stated that "An implicit conversion can take place from a nullable type t? to t. And an explicit conversion (a cast) is needed from a type t to t?." This is not correct. An implicit conversion can take place from a non-nullable type t to t?. And an explicit conversion (a cast) is needed from a type t? to t. Thus, conversion between t and t? follows the usual principle of type conversions in C#.
  2. Some of the exercises in the lecture about 'Operators, Delegates and Events' where not inserted in the text book version of the teaching material. They have now been included.
  3. In Section 28.5, the programs 28.6 - 28.8 have been simplified (and some minor details have been corrected).
  4. In Section 25.5, it is now clarified why Trapezoid and Parallelogram are sibling subclasses of Quadrangle.
  5. The discussion of custom serialization in Section 39.3 has been simplified and cleaned up. In earlier versions of the material, we discussed two different ways to deal with custom serialization: By means of the interface ISerializable, and via attributes. In the current version, we only describe how serialization is controlled with use of attributes. As a consequence, the section called "Control of the serialization" has been deleted.

If you find an error you are encouraged to send me an email: normark@cs.aau.dk

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