;;;; .title The program prog2 ;;;; .author Kurt NÝrmark ;;;; This is a Scheme file with a few simple functions. ;;;; The functions are written and organized with the purpose ;;;; of demonstrating the LAML SchemeDoc tool. ;;;; .laml-resource false ;;;; .css-prestylesheet compact ;;;; .css-stylesheet fancy ;;;; .css-stylesheet-copying true ;;;; .keep-syntactical-comment-file false ;;;; .source-destination-delta man/ ;;;; .scheme-source-linking true
;;; The fac and fib functions. ;;; .section-id fib-fac
;; Calculate the factorial of n. ;; .parameter n An integer ;; .pre-condition The integer must be non-negative. ;; .returns n!

(define (fac n) (if (= 0 n) 1 (* n (fac (- n 1)))))
;; Calculated the fib function. ;; Notice that this is a very <em>inefficient</em> ;; implementation. ;; .parameter n An integer ;; .pre-condition The integer must be non-negative. ;; .returns The n't fiabonaci number.

(define (fib n) (cond ((or (= n 0) (= n 1)) 1) (else (+ (fib (- n 1)) (fib (- n 2))))))
;;; A couple of higher order function. ;;; These functions are useful in many situations. ;;; .section-id higher-order-fn
;; A higher order functions which negates the predicate p. ;; Negate accepts a predicate and returns the negated predicate. ;; .parameter p a predicate - p: type -> boolean for any type. ;; .returns A predicate that returns the negated value. Thus (not ((negate p) x)) = (p x) for all x.

(define (negate p) (lambda (x) (if (p x) #f #t)))
;; A higher order function that composes two functions. ;; Returns a function which applies f on g. ;; Both f and g are supposed to take a single argument. ;; .parameter f A function of a single parameter. ;; .parameter g A function of a singe parameter. ;; .returns f ° g

(define (compose f g) (lambda (x) (f (g x))))
;;; List selector functions. ;;; The functions in this category are alternatives for car, cadr, etc. ;;; .section-id list-selectors
;; Return the first element of a list ;; .form (first lst) ;; .parameter lst A list ;; .returns the first element of the list

(define first car)
;; Return the second element of a list ;; .form (second lst) ;; .parameter lst A list ;; .returns the second element of the list

(define second cadr)