(load (string-append laml-dir "laml.scm"))
(laml-style "xml-in-laml/schemedoc-2/schemedoc")
(set! xml-check-language-overlap? #f)

    (manual-title "Tutorial Manual - An Example")
    (manual-author "Kurt Nørmark" "normark@cs.auc.dk")
        "Department of Computer Science" 
        "Aalborg University" "Denmark")
      (div "This is just an example of a manual"
            "adapted from an existing LAML example,"
            "and part of the LAML tutorial."))

    'laml-resource "false"
    'css-prestylesheet "normal"
    'css-stylesheet "fancy"
    'css-stylesheet-copying "true"


  (manual-section 'id "intr"
      (section-title "Introduction")
       (div "This is an introduction."
            "Usually it is very brief."))

  (manual-page 'name "f"
      (form "(f a b)")
      (description "Description of f")

      (precondition "What to ensure before f is called")
      (postcondition "What holds after f is called")

       (parameter 'name "a" "Explanation of a")
       (parameter 'name "b" "Explanation of b")
      (returns "Description of the value returned by f")

      (internal-references 'category "similar function" 
                           (name-ref "g"))

  (manual-page 'name "g"
      (form "(g)")
      (description "Description of g")
      (precondition "What to ensure before g is called")
      (external-reference 'href "../../../tutorial/index.html"
                          'category "context" "LAML tutorial")
      (internal-references 'category "similar function" (name-ref "f"))