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  (front-title "LENO Tutorial Demo")           
  (front-subtitle "Note page content")   
  (front-author "Kurt Nørmark")           
  (front-affiliation "Department of Computer Science, Aalborg University, Denmark")  
  (front-abstract "This is a LENO demo lecture, which is part of the LAML tutorial.")  

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  'author-home-url "http://www.cs.auc.dk/~normark/"   
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  'logo-url "http://www.auc.dk/"  
  'note-contents-description "Part of the LAML LENO tutorial"    
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; first-section
(note-page 'id "easy-section" (section-title "The easy section") )
; first-page
(note-page 'id "first-page" (title (main-text "The first page") (annotation "Title annotation of the first page") ) (point (main-text "We have now started the" (em "real authoring process") _ "." ) (annotation "We did this by" (b "M-x") (kbd "leno-insert-point,") "or from the LENO Emacs menu: '" (kbd "Insert Point") "'" ) ) (items (item (main-text "This is an item" ) (annotation "It is also possible to make the item from the Emacs LENO menu, using 'Insert items' or 'Insert simple items'." ) (items (item (main-text "with a single subitem" ) (annotation "" )))) (item (main-text "We made it with" (kbd "M-x leno-insert-items") _ "." ) (annotation "" ) (items (item (main-text "The" (kbd "leno-insert-items") "prompts us for the number of items and the number of subitems" ) (annotation "" ))))) (concept-list (concept 'concept-name "programmatic authoring" (main-text "By programmatic authoring we mean authoring of documents via use of programmaing programming expressions" ) (annotation "In LENO we use programmatic authoring." )) ) (opposing (opposing-item (left-item (b "LENO") ) (right-item (b "Latex") )) (opposing-item (left-item "Programmatic authoring in Scheme" ) (right-item "Authoring in a TeX language" ))) )
; second-page
(note-page 'id "graphics-page" (title (main-text "A page with graphics") (annotation "We will now make a page with a graphical image") ) (image ;
'src "first-image.gif" (main-text "The first image - the most basic form of the image clause. The first-image.gif file must be located in the graphics and graphics/small directories." ) ) (image ;
'margin-top "3cm" 'src "second-image.gif" 'alignment "vertical" 'first "text" 'second "picture" (main-text "Another graphics example using the image clause. In this example we use a few attributes of the image mirror function." ) ) )
; third-page
(note-page 'id "source-program-page" (title (main-text "A page with a source program") (annotation "LENO is often used for teaching material about programming. Therefore the source-program LENO element is important.") ) (source-program 'src (in-tutorial-dir "schemedoc/prog3.scm") 'from-mark "(define (negate" 'to-mark ")))" 'slide-mode "inline" 'book-mode "external" (color-decorations (color-decoration 'from-mark "negate" 'to-mark "" 'color "blue" 'face "bold" ) (color-decoration 'from-mark "(if" 'to-mark "#t)" 'color "red" 'face "italic" ) (color-decoration 'from-mark "lambda" 'to-mark "" 'color "purple" 'face "bold" ) ) (main-text "The negate function" ) (annotation "This function is really from the SchemeDoc part of the LAML tutorial." ) ) (source-program 'src (in-tutorial-dir "schemedoc/prog3.scm") 'from-mark ";; Calculate the factorial" 'to-mark ")))))" 'slide-mode "inline" 'book-mode "inline" (color-decorations (color-decoration 'from-mark "fac " 'to-mark "" 'color "red" 'face "bold" 'repetition "2" ) ) (main-text "The fac function" ) (annotation "This is the classical recursive edition of fac." ) ) (source-program 'src (in-tutorial-dir "schemedoc/prog3.scm") 'from-mark "(define (fib" 'to-mark "))))))" 'slide-mode "external" 'book-mode "external" (color-decorations (color-decoration 'from-mark "fib " 'to-mark "" 'color "red" 'face "bold" 'repetition "3" ) ) (main-text "The fib function" ) (annotation "This is the classical recursive edition of fib, which is very time consuming." ) ) ) (end-notes)