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(leno-front-matters (front-title "Lecture 1 of Multi Demo") (front-author "Kurt Nørmark") (front-affiliation "Department of Computer Science, Aalborg University, Denmark") (front-abstract "This is the first lecture of the tuturial multi demo material") 'slide-view "true" 'annotated-slide-view "true" 'aggregated-view "true" 'primary-view "slide-view" 'scheme-prefix "pre-notes.scm" ;
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) (begin-notes) (note-page 'id "sec1" (section-title "Section one") ) (note-page 'id "page1" (title (main-text "First page in first lecture") (annotation "") ) (point (main-text "This is the first page" ) (annotation "" ) ) ) (note-page 'id "page2" (title (main-text "Second page in first lecture") (annotation "") ) (items (item (main-text "First item on page 2" ) (annotation "There are no annotations - no real ones, at least" )) (item (main-text "Second item on page 2" ) (annotation "" ))) ) (end-notes)