(load (string-append laml-dir "laml.scm"))

(lib-load "xml-in-laml/xml-in-laml.scm")
(lib-load "xml-in-laml/mirrors/xhtml10-frameset-mirror.scm")
(lib-load "xml-in-laml/mirrors/xhtml10-transitional-mirror.scm")

(define html-props (list 'xmlns "http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml")) (set! xml-validate-contents? #t) (set! xml-check-attributes? #t) (set! xml-check-language-overlap? #t)
(define fs:html (xhtml10-frameset 'html))
(define fs:head (xhtml10-frameset 'head))
(define fs:title (xhtml10-frameset 'title))
(define fs:body (xhtml10-frameset 'body))
(define fs:p (xhtml10-frameset 'p))
(define fs:em (xhtml10-frameset 'em))
(define fs:noframes (xhtml10-frameset 'noframes))
; frameset-doc
(write-html '(raw prolog) (fs:html html-props (fs:head (fs:title "Third frameset example")) (frameset (frame 'name "fr2" 'src "transitional-1.html") (frame 'name "fr2" 'src "transitional-2.html") 'cols "40%,60%" (fs:noframes (fs:body (fs:p "Frames are" (fs:em "unfortunately") "not available"))) ) ))
(define tr:html (xhtml10-transitional 'html))
(define tr:head (xhtml10-transitional 'head))
(define tr:title (xhtml10-transitional 'title))
(define tr:body (xhtml10-transitional 'body))
(define tr:p (xhtml10-transitional 'p))
(define tr:a (xhtml10-transitional 'a))
; left-doc
(write-html '(raw prolog) (tr:html html-props (tr:head (tr:title "Left frame")) (tr:body (tr:p "This is the left frame")) ) (in-startup-directory "transitional-1.html") )
; right-doc
(write-html '(raw prolog) (tr:html html-props (tr:head (tr:title "Right frame")) (tr:body (tr:p "This is the right frame. ") (tr:p "This example illustrates a possible way to deal with the language overlap. Try process it.") ) ) (in-startup-directory "transitional-2.html") ) (end-laml)