(load (string-append laml-dir "laml.scm"))
(laml-style "simple-xhtml1.0-transitional-validating")

(define map (curry-generalized map))
(define li-map (map li))
(define my-list (list "My first item" "My second item" "My third item" "My fourth item"))
(define my-second-list (list "*This is my first item" "Here is the second item" "The follows the third item" "*Finally fourth item"))
; write-clause-lists
(write-html '(raw prolog) (html (head (title "Ordered and unordered lists")) (body (h1 "Ordered and unordered lists") ; First list
(ul (li "The first item") (li "The second item") (li "The third item")) ; Second list
(ul (li-map (list "The first item" "The second item" "The third item"))) ; Third list
(ul (li-map my-list)) ; Fourth list
(let ((stared-items (lambda (str) (eq? (string-ref str 0) #\*)))) (ul (li-map (filter stared-items my-second-list)))) ))) (end-laml)