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Program 1

(note-page 'id "lecturer-photos"
  (title (main-text "Lecturer-photos")
         (annotation "This page illustrate the lecturer-photos clause. Notice that the photos are only shown
            in slide view as part of an automatically progressing 'show-and-speak' show. Thus, in order to see the
            photos you should activate the 'atom spin' icon (top left) in slide view. ")

   'start-number "1"
   'number-of-photos "2"

   'src "meta-lecture-notes.laml"
   'from-mark "(note-page 'id \"lecturer-photos\""
   'to-mark end-mark 
   'slide-mode "external"
   'book-mode "inline"
    "The LAML source of this page")

   (internet-reference 'href (man-entry "lecturer-photos")
     (main-text "Manual entry"))

) ; end note-page