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Elucidator 2 Download and Installation

The Scheme Elucidator is located in the styles/xml-in-laml/elucidator-2/ directory of the LAML software distribution.

The LAML software distribution can be downloaded from the LAML download page:

Follow these steps in order to install and set up the Scheme Elucidator:

  1. Set up LAML - see LAML setup instructions . You should be sure also to setup the LAML Emacs support, as described in these setup instructions. Be sure to enable elucidator-emacs-support in the LAML configuration file, which you modify before LAML is installed.

  2. Try out the elucidator on the example provided in the directory: examples/elucidator-2/ (and subdirectories) of your LAML system.

    1. Process the laml files in the subdirectories examples/elucidator-2/.

    2. Set up the Emacs editor support for this particular elucidative program with M-x setup-elucidator in Emacs before you start working on the examples.

From Emacs activate M-x elucidator-help. See also the manual of the Scheme elucidator.



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