CSS Class Explanations

LENO makes use of CSS style sheets if the leno-front-matters attribute css-stylesheet is given. Most LENO clauses and pages are tagged with a CSS class. Below we give an overview of these classes together with the HTML elements, on which the class attributes are located.

Class nameHosting elementExplanation
leno-book-programbodyAn external program in book view
leno-helpbodyA LENO help pages
leno-indexbodyA LENO index pages
leno-introbodyA LENO introductory pages such as start page, abstract, etc.
leno-intro-linkaLinks on LENO introductory pages such as start page, abstract, etc.
leno-note-exercisebodyAn exercise page in note view
leno-notebodyA LENO note page
leno-note-programbodyAn external program in note view
leno-slide-commentdivA Comment clause in slide view
leno-slide-concept-listdivA concept list clause in slide view
leno-slide-cross-reference-itemdivA single item in a cross reference clause in slide view
leno-slide-cross-referencedivA cross reference clause in slide view
leno-slide-elucidate-captiondivThe caption of an elucidate clause in slide view
leno-slide-exampledivAn example in slide view
leno-slide-exercise-captiondivAn exercise caption in slide view
leno-slide-exercisebodyAn exercise page in side view
leno-slide-imageimgAn image in slide view
leno-slide-image-textdivAn inlined image text in slide view
leno-slide-image-series-textdivAn image series text in slide view
leno-slide-image-seriesbodyAn image series page in slide view
leno-slide-image-series-captiondivAn image series caption in slide view
leno-slide-itemliA single item in an items clause
leno-slide-itemsulA list of items - an items clause - in slide view
leno-slide-opposingtableAn opposing clause in slide view
leno-slide-opposing-left-columntdThe left part of a single item in an opposing clause
leno-slide-opposing-right-columntdThe right part of a single item in an opposing clause
leno-slide-pointdivA point clause in slide view
leno-slide-programbodyAn external program in slide view - normal and show-and-speak
leno-slide-program-clausedivA program clause in slide view - not used much!
leno-slide-quotationdivA quotation clause in slide view
leno-slide-section-titledivA section-title clause in slide view
leno-slide-side-track-captiondivThe caption of a side-track clause
leno-slide-slide-spacedivA slide-space clause in slide view
leno-slide-slide-textdivA slide-text clause in slide view
leno-slidebodyA slide page, naturally in slide view. Both normal and show-and-speak
leno-slide-source-program-captiondivA source-program caption in slide view
leno-slide-source-programdivAn source-program program text in slide view
leno-slide-svg-imageobjectAn SVG image in slide view
leno-slide-synopsisdivA synopsis clause in slide view
leno-slide-syntaxdivA syntax clause in slide view
leno-slide-tabulartableA tabular clause in slide view
leno-slide-textdivA text clause in slide view
leno-slide-titledivA title clause in slide view
leno-slide-section-startbodyA special marking of slide pages which contain a section-title clause
leno-slide-source-programtableAn external source-program line with icon and text
leno-slide-exercisetableAn external exercise line with icon and text
leno-slide-image-seriestableAn external image-series line with icon and text
leno-slide-elucidatetableAn external elucidator line with icon and text
leno-slide-side-tracktableAn external side-track line with icon and text

If the immediate constituents of a note-page (such as title, items, and point ) have id attributes, LENO generates an id attribute side by side with the class attributes. These id attributes can be used for styling of individual constructs in your LENO material. The stylesheet in the stylesheets directory of the LENO source directory is the natural place of ID stylesheet clauses. Recall that this stylesheet will appear after the LENO software stylesheet, if both exist. The following naming scheme is used for multi lecture materials

where lid is the id of the lecture, pid is the id of the note page, and id is the id of the note page constituent. For single lecture materials the slightly simpler

is used. In a few cases, and extra trailing constituent is appended - please watch the HTML source.

The body element of the note page also has an id, which again follow the naming scheme given above, without use of the trailing id.

LENO comes with a number of CSS files, which you can apply if you use the css-stylesheet attribute of the leno-front-matters clause. You find the native LENO CSS files in the directory ' styles/lecture-notes/stylesheets/ ' of the LAML distribution.

You can also make your own CSS files in the stylesheets directory of your LENO source directory. If you ask for usage of a given CSS file, using the css-stylesheet attributes, LENO will append the stylesheets of the source directory (if it exists) to the stylesheet of the LENO software directory (if it exists) and put it in the stylesheets directory of the HTML target directory. Be aware that the value of the css-stylesheets directory is a proper file name, without any inital path and without a file extension. We currenlty support original, aau1, aau2, aau-blue-grid, powerpoint, and blue. Some are experimental and incomplete, however.

In addition to the css-stylesheet attribute, there is also an css-prestylesheet attribute. The idea is to have all font-size relevant CSS specifications in the prestylesheet. We currently maintain a small-size, normal-size, and large-size prestylesheet.

The four stylesheets (css-prestylesheet and css-stylesheet from the software/note directories) are appended and copied to the HTML target directory. The ordering is the following: leno-software-css-pre-file leno-source-css-pre-file leno-software-css-file leno-source-css-file.

You should also be aware of the leno-front-matters attribute css-stylesheet-copying. Normally, this attribute is true. If it is false, the copying of stylesheets to the HTML target directory is disabeled. In that way you can experiment with the target version of the stylesheet, without the risk of overwriting it upon LENO processing. You should, however, always organize your stylesheets in the LENO source directory when you are done, and enable css-stylesheet-copying in the end.



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