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Scheme Program Documentation Tools

Aspects of XML - Corresponding and natural solutions in Scheme

In particular the representation of XML elements as functions in Scheme

Parameter interpretation (attributes)

Built in validation

Examples related to documentation tools:

LAML makes XML languages available as sets of Scheme functions

XML in relation to LAML and Scheme

Specialized interpretation of mirror function parameters

Comprehensive document validation at run-time

/user/normark/scheme/slides/scheme-2004/includes/fac-manual-pageA SchemeDoc manual page.

A SchemeDoc manual page.

/user/normark/scheme/slides/scheme-2004/includes/manual-xml-counterpart.xmlThe similar XML fragment.

The similar XML fragment.

/user/normark/scheme/slides/scheme-2004/includes/ep-fragmentA Scheme Elucidator documentation section.

A Scheme Elucidator documentation section.

/user/normark/scheme/slides/scheme-2004/includes/ep-xml-counterpart.xmlThe similar XML fragment.

The similar XML fragment.