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Abstractions in LAML 

A powerful abstraction mechanism is extremely useful for the professional WWW author

In that respect WWW authoring is analogous to program development


(load (string-append laml-dir "laml.scm"))
(style "simple")
(load (string-append (startup-directory scheme-system) "functions.scm"))

  "Demonstration of abstractions"
    (standard-intro "My FAQ")
     (map present-faq-entry
          (faq-entry  'teacher
            "What is Lisp"
            "Lisp is a list processing language...")

          (faq-entry  'student
            "What is LAML"
            "LAML is Scheme in which HTML is mirrored...")

          (faq-entry  'student
            "What is the main differences between Scheme and Lisp"
            "Scheme is a relatively small, but powerful Lisp dialect...")
  white black blue blue


includes/functions.scmThe implementation of the abstractions.


The developed LAML document styles represent sets of domain specific abstractions