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Example of the manual document style

The manual styles is oriented towards documentation of the external and programmatic aspect of a Scheme program

The manual style has been used to document the LAML software package via a tool, which extracts particular doc comments from a Scheme program

; Top level functions

  (section-title "Top level functions")
     "The important top level functions are manual-page and manual-section.
      These are the most important functions from a manual writer's perspective."))

  (title "manual-page")
  (form '(manual-page id . elements))
  (description "Defines a manual entry.")
    (parameter  "id" "A symbol identifying the manual page")
    (parameter  "elements" "Zero, one or more title, form, pre-condition,
                           description, parameters, example, or misc elements")

 (title "manual-section")
 (form '(manual-section . element))
 (description "Defines a new section of a manual.
               The only forms allowed within a manual section are manual-title
               and manual-body")
   (parameter  "elements" "a list of manual-title and manual-body forms")

; End top level functions

This shows an excerpt of a typical manual style LAML document. Actually, the excerpt is taken from the manual which document the manual facility itself. This is a little circular, but quite realistic. Using the nearby cross reference you can see the resulting WWW page