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Abstractions in LAML

We now return to one of the main points of the talk, namely how to take advantage of abstraction in an LAML document. Notices that similar things can be done in XML.

A powerful abstraction mechanism is extremely useful for the professional WWW author

In that respect WWW authoring is analogous to program development

(load (string-append laml-dir "laml.scm"))
(style "simple")
(load (string-append (startup-directory scheme-system) "functions.scm"))

  "Demonstration of abstractions"
    (standard-intro "My FAQ")
     (map present-faq-entry
          (faq-entry  'teacher
            "What is Lisp"
            "Lisp is a list processing language...")

          (faq-entry  'student
            "What is LAML"
            "LAML is Scheme in which HTML is mirrored...")

          (faq-entry  'student
            "What is the main differences between Scheme and Lisp"
            "Scheme is a relatively small, but powerful Lisp dialect...")
  white black blue blue

A complete LAML WWW page. We have introduced a number of 'ad hoc' abstractions, the implementation of which is shown below.


includes/functions.scmThe implementation of the abstractions.

The implementation of the abstractions.

The developed LAML document styles represent sets of domain specific abstractions