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An LAML Document Example

It is now time to study a concrete example of an LAML document

(load (string-append laml-dir "laml.scm"))

(laml-style "simple")

  "A simple page"
     "This page demonstrates a few of the functions in the HTML library."

     (em (con-space "This paragraph has been emphasized by means of the" 
         (b "em") "function."))

     "Let us also show a simple table, which is one of the real convenient 
      elements in LAML:"

       2 ; border 
       (list 100 200 100)
       (list red green blue)
         (list "Here" "is" "some")
         (list "tabular" "text" "")))

     (b "This ends this simple page"))

  (make-color 255 255 191) black blue blue


We see a simple WWW pages written in LAML. The first interesting thing is the function generic-page-1, which generates all the html, body and title stuff, which is found on any WWW pages written in HTML. The con-par function is just a string-append variant, which concatenates paragraphs of text. The functions em and b mirror the similar HTML tags. The table-1 function is one of our convenient abstractions of HTML tables. We make a three column table with given widths, and a border of 2 pixels. The table proper is defined by a list of table rows. Each row is itself a list. The make-color function makes a color from red, green, blue components.