Lecture overview
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LENO - strengths

LENO is a WWW based system for presentation of teaching material

  • LENO properties:

    • Generates simple HTML that can be rendered on all platforms.

    • Three levels of presentations: slide, note, and aggregated views.

    • Inclusion of textual material without user involved copying.

      • Superimposing colors and typography

    • Supports trails without copying

    • Full keyboard navigation

    • Integrated exercises and solutions in the teaching material

    • Can support multiple versions - via URL abstractions

      • WWW, CD, labtop, ...

LENO har en række egenskaber, som omtales nærmere her.

I nogle sammenhænge taler vi om slide syn, annoteret slide syn og et aggregeret syn.

In reality LENO is tool for generation and linking of a lot of small HTML files and gif pictures.